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Managed Network Services

Every business owner or manager wants a stable and reliable network, but getting there involves a more proactive approach consisting of regular network monitoring, updating and preforming maintenance. Managed network services takes the IT burden off of you so that you can manage your business. Whether your business is suffering from poor network performance, inexperienced IT staffers, excess technology spending or nagging IT issues, our team can tackle your challenges. Whether our Managed Network Services plan is our Monitoring only, Professional or Enterprise Managed plan for unlimited support, Power On has the right support options for you.

“Let Power On help you determine which Managed Network Services plan makes the most sense for your company.”


What does a Managed Program from Power On do for you?

Monitoring and Maintenance – reporting of core network components, proactive application of server and PC/laptop patches, proactive research, identification of relevant firmware, operating system and application patches. We review server logs, critical updates, management of network components in order to maintain a stable network.

Help Desk Support – when the monitoring system detects an issue or when conditions are outside set parameters, your IT team begins reviewing the information for immediate remediation. In addition, you are always able to submit service request via the telephone, email or through your Client Portal.

Backup Monitoring – Power On will help you set up a backup process to ensure the greatest protection of your data. Backups do not impact network performance, and Power On will monitor for confirmation of daily backup success and will address errors encountered during the backup process. Our Help Desk team can assist in restoring deleted data.

Security Services – managed enterprise-class antivirus software including proactive forced updates, status reporting, and issues remediation. Power On can also manage remote access for users, firewall configuration and assistance with VPN issues.



Ten Reasons Every Small Business Should Consider Proactive Server and Workstation Monitoring and Maintenance:

  1. Microsoft critical security updates need to be applied on a regular basis
  2. Firewall, virus and spyware protection needs regular review and management
  3. Daily use of servers and workstations by office staff can create random network issues
  4. Management of backup status, data selected and data testing is critical to data recovery
  5. Proactive server and workstation standardization minimizes problems
  6. Management of hard drive resources prevents storage issues & server crashes
  7. Analysis of server event logs can identify issues before they create network problems
  8. Regular optimization of server(s) and workstations to increase speed and efficiency
  9. Proactive maintenance provides real peace of mind that someone is regularly caring for your network
  10. Predictable monthly budget and support minimizes financial and technical surprises


Perhaps the biggest mistake most small business make is using an IT professional in a reactive manner. Something breaks, they call in IT help to fix it, and then wait until something else breaks before they call again. “A break-fix approach is not only ineffective, it’s also more expensive than regular proactive support in the long-run,” explains Patrick Searcy, at Power On Technologies, Inc. ”

When we start working with a client it’s not uncommon to find layers of quick fixes “band aids” that need to come off to truly get to a state where the technology is working the way it is supposed to. We find companies have been creating work-a-rounds or have just been living with the problems without much hope of getting them resolved. It doesn’t have to be like that”.

Most companies have a common misunderstanding about network maintenance. Even if a company has newer equipment, the maintenance that is performed mostly has to do with the monitoring, maintaining and optimization of data, processing power and software as opposed to the actual equipment itself. Hardware becomes a factor when it is not performing to specifications or has outlived its usefulness. In these situations, regular maintenance is very helpful in determining whether this is the issue or not. So how does a company know when they need a maintenance plan for their network? “Regular server and computer maintenance should begin as soon as a computer is turned on and used by someone. The opportunity for something to go wrong begins then.

Over a very short period of time many things can add up to spell disaster for a company. The majority of the work we do is behind the scenes, it keeps everything going smoothly so our customers avoid the major crisis or network downtime that would normally be required.

The Key to Long-Term Technology Health for Small Business Networks As you can see, a regular maintenance plan is the best way to ensure proactive support for your computers, servers and entire network. Power On offers proactive monitoring, maintenance and support with our unique style of plans called

Power On Network Management

Power On Network Management is the ongoing monitoring, maintenance and immediate technical support for your computer network, systematically managed by our IT Professionals and support staff, These IT Professionals not only follow a standardized maintenance check list through regular onsite and remote visits, but also implement and maintain the strategic technology plan for your company based on your business goals and budget, all done with a team approach. The end result of a computer network maintenance plan is an office that is happy and productive with a budget line item that is predictable.

You Don’t Have to Wait Until the Next Break Fix Event to Begin Maintenance for Your Network.
Now is the time to start investing in the overall health of your computer network! Don’t wait until your computers or servers break before getting help. Find out which level of maintenance is right for your office with one of our Managed Plans. To find out more about these plans, speak with one of our friendly Support Advisors today at 816.737.2900


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