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About Kyocera & Copystar


Kyocera manufactures award-winning MFPs (Multifunction Printers) and laser printers that set the standard for high performance, superior image quality, ease-of- use and durability. The equipment delivers both economic and ecological benefits to the user.

“Let Power On help you determine which device makes

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Kyocera Document Solutions is a leading manufacturer of document imaging solutions and document management systems, including color and monochrome multi-function printers and printers. Kyocera’s products are renowned for their unique long-life imaging components that provide greater reliability, less waste – resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership over the life of the product.

“Editors Choice” – Better Buys for Business
“Most Reliable” – Bertl Digital Testing
“Pick of the Year” – Buyers Lab Inc
“Highly Recommended” – Bertl Digital Test Lab

“Editor’s Choice” – PC Magazine
“Best Buy” – PC World

“The Most Cost Effective Printers” – Bertl Digital Test Lab
“Lowest Cost of Operation” – PC Magazine


Kyocera Document Solutions Corporate Video


To provide optimum value and solve the issues facing our individual customers, we have developed an expertise across a broad range of fields, we tackle challenges together, and give careful thought to the challenges at hand. To meet the needs of the times and offer new value, we act promptly, make sound decisions, and think boldly. Going forward we will continue to grow together with our customers, by thinking about what true value really means.

A Truly Global Network

Copystar, a division of Kyocera, is one of the largest manufacturers of office equipment in the world. In a flat market, the office products division was responsible for over 20% of Kyocera’s Global revenue. Year over year, Kyocera has continually increased this revenue. This strength provides a worldwide dealer network with significant investments in research & development and various technical support options.

Business Strategy

Kyocera companies produce virtually all of the individual components used in the manufacturing of the equipment. Eliminating the need to rely on outside sources gives them the ability to maintain greater quality control and a reduction of overall expenses.

Strength in the Marketplace

Kyocera has been included in the top “100 Best Managed” corporations in the world. This is due to the management philosophy and company structure.

Environmental Management of the KYOCERA Document Solutions Group

In 1991, the Kyocera Group established the “Kyocera Environmental Charter,”setting forth their basic stance for addressing environmental problems based on the philosophy of “Living Together,”and they began activities to protect the environment through a company-wide effort. As a member of the Kyocera Group, the KYOCERA Document Solutions Group has established an “Environmental Vision” which puts the ideas of the Charter into concrete terms, and is engaged in environmental management that aims to achieve sustainable growth, while balancing ecology and economy, based on the “KYOCERA Document Solutions Group Environment Safety Policy”. Equipment Usability & Accessibility click right here


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